Location de Gimbal

Location de Gimbal


We are offering the rental of a Gimbal, who allows you to adapt two platforms, with the following characteristics.


Our Gimbal is a hydraulic platform of 3740 x 9000 mm or 2740 x 2660 mm, and a height of 1700 mm.

Powered by four hydraulic cylinders, it allows an inclination of 13 degrees in all directions.

It is controlled by a manual system of joystick and a hydraulic pump of 25 ch. ( 180 bar max.), connected to the Gimbal by hoses of 25 meters.

The pump requires a power supply of 400V / 64 amps.

The Gimbal supports a load of 500kg/m2, or 17 tons, which can be distributed on some or on the entire surface. ( unbalanced load )